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Colleage of Humanities and Social Sciences
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College of Humanities and Social Sciences
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The goal of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences aims to cultivate our students with a glocalizd vision, strengthen Kinmen’s cross-strait relations with Taiwan and China, and establish a unique cultural sphere of Asia. This College consists of six departments and five graduate schools: The Department and Graduate School of International and Mainland China Affairs, the Department and Graduate School of Ocean and Border Governance, the Department and Graduate School of Architecture, the Department of Urban Planning and Landscape, the Department and Graduate School of Applied English, the Department of Chinese Studies, and the Master Program in Southern Min Culture. The faculty and administrative staff work together closely and coordinate effectively so as to meet maximum academic efficiency. The College specializes in research on cross-strait and international affairs, marine affairs and border governance, architectural design, urban planning and landscape from local and global perspectives, foreign languages and Chinese in the global context, and the preservation of cultural assets in southern Min.The College has been constantly and actively engaged in projects that help improve the teaching of the University. Our faculty members are encouraged to prepare teaching materials and to publish textbooks for the students with reference to Kinmen’s local features. For the better learning quality of the students, the College constantly helps our faculty enhance their teaching efficiency and regularly invites leading scholars in the related fields to share their expertise. Regarding the research development, the College encourages our faculty to present their works in national or international academic conferences and thereafter public them in prestigious journals. It is to improve our faculty’s academic competence as well as the University’s academic reputation. We also assist our faculty in the applying of research grants to support their research.
Master’s Degree Program in Southern Min Culture
The Master’s Degree Program in Southern Min Culture aims to promote the study of Southern Min (Minnan) culture and its related humanities and social sciences. The program combines the University’s academic resources with the local social network. Despite a focus on Kinmen, the research context also extends to the Minnan culture in Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhengzhou, Taiwan and Southeast Asia in order to conduct comparative research across different geographical areas. We also aim to explore topics related to the historical preservation and real-world development of Minnan culture. It is our priority to cultivate talents in Minnan cultural research and cultural-industry management through cross-disciplinary research in humanities and social sciences.
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