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The College of Health and Nursing
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The College of Health and Nursing
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The College of Health and Nursing was founded on August 1, 2013, the College consists of three departments: The Department of Long-Term Care, the Department of Nursing, and the Department of Social Work.

The primary goals of the College refer to proactively responding to global health-care trends and cultivating enthusiastic health care providers with global perspectives and professional knowledge.

The College has also recruited outstanding professors to provide our students with the interdisciplinary curriculum. We aim to cooperate with local medical, nursing, and social welfare institutions and develop services that adapt to the islanders’ health-care demands. The College also dedicates its resources to expand the health-care industry in Kinmen. We expect our students to be professionals in the fields of nursing, long-term care and social work so as to improve the medical-care quality in Kinmen. Being in the middle of the two straits, cross-strait relations are also crucial to Kinmen. As a result, our students are encouraged to participate in international health-care cooperation.
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