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History of National Quemoy University
1997 July 1st Founded as Kinmen Division of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology.
2003 Aug 1st Becoming an independent educational institution: National Kinmen Institute of Technology.
2010 Aug 1st Promoted and renamed as National Quemoy University.

● Features: Min-Nan culture, overseas Chinese’s homeland culture, battleground culture, natural environments, cross-strait relations, culture of a winery township.
Kinmen preserves its rich visible and invisible Min-Nan culture, overseas Chinese’s homeland culture, and historical battleground culture.
Examples such as traditional villages, battlefield museums, distinct local architecture, classic ancestral culture, traditional religious beliefs, and rituals of life are highly valued by both domestic and international scholars and professionals in the areas of history and culture.

● Orientation: to become a small but delicate, a small but beautiful, and a small but excellent university.
Our university is located in both uniquely geographic and historical conditions of Kinmen, and our development as a great university focuses on the local caring, cross-strait relations and connection with the world. We encourage teachers doing research as well as enhance our teaching environment and achievement. Combining with the features of local industrial development, we take preservation and promotion of cultural heritages into consideration, and coordinate with the change of the cross-strait situations and the needs of the country’s future development.

● Prospects: to become a first-class university characterized with both distinct Kinmen’s culture and international standards of academic research.
Here are four main functions of our university’s development: "teaching, research, service and counseling". in the teaching area, we focus on "holistic education" and "professional ethics"; in the research area, we concentrate on "developing the distinctive features" and" implementing technology"; in the service area, the principle is "local caring" and "sharing and honoring altogether"; in the counseling area, the principle is "happy learning" and "full employment". 

Sincerity, Being Knowledgeable, and Fulfillment.”

“Sincerity, Being Knowledgeable, Fulfillment and Philanthropy” originates from the Road to Great Learning of Zhongyong (The Doctrine of the Mean): "To gain this attainment, one should perform requisite and extensive studies of what is good, accurate inquiry about it, careful reflection on it, clear discrimination of it, and the earnest practice of it." The first four points are “being eager for the knowledge, particularly, of what the truth is”. The last point is “taking action”. Therefore, the above five points are concretely yet subtly equivalent to “Sincerity”, “Being Knowledgeable”, and “Fulfillment”. As for the "Philanthropy", one would expect that students study hard to pursue the knowledge of the truth, not only to seek the betterment of themselves, but also to take great responsibility for serving our society and country.

Thus, our educational philosophy is creating an academic place where students can seek the truth, develop themselves, enjoy the freedom of innovation, share equal opportunities, and emphasize the importance of reverence to others, in order to achieve the ideal of "truth, goodness and beauty"; meanwhile, we uphold the principle of education for all people without discrimination, as well as teaching students in accordance with their aptitudes, deepen professional training and strengthen humanity education, and hope to cultivate outstanding youths with high humanism quality, who can contribute their greatest service to our country and our era.

Upon these principles, our school will move towards a teaching-oriented university perfectly combining higher education and Kinmen’s local culture, in the hope of not only serving as an important model of higher education in our country, but also becoming an international first-rate university characterized with Kinmen’s local features.
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