NQU provides a variety of academic programs to meet the students’ demand. They are divided into there categories: 1. graduate programs, 2. undergraduate programs, and 3. continuing education programs. The graduate programs contains the “Electronic and Information Engineering” , “South—Min(Fukien) Culture” ,and “ Mainland China Study”.

The Undergraduate programs consist of “Sport Management”, “Tourism Management”, “Business Administration”, “Electronic Engineering ”, “Information Engineering”, “Food Science”, “Construction Engineering ”, “Applied Foreign Language”, ”Architecture and historic Preservation” , and “International Affair”.
The continuing education program includes the four- year undergraduate program and the upper two-year undergraduate program. There are “Sport Management” and “Business Administration”” programs in the four-year division, and “Tourism Management”, “Business Administration”, and “Information Engineering” in the upper two-year undergraduate program.

Aug 5, 2010