Department of Long-Term Care
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The Department of Long-term Care was established in 2013. In order to respond to the increasing policies of long-term care (LTC) and the longer lifespan of people nowadays, the Department aims to equip our students with both professional knowledge and practical experience.

The curriculum provides both theoretical and practical courses such as Care Management, Institutional Management, Service Management. Our courses help students obtain the comprehensive knowledge about care policy planning, institutional management services, industrial development and health propaganda for long-term care. We have also have a two-stage internship for our students. The sophomores must take the courses to become professional trainees first, and then they will be assigned into an internship program at their senior year. The internship improves students’ management practices and interdisciplinary integration skills. Due to the special geographic location of Kinmen, the Department also focuses on the long-term care industries in remote or island areas. In other words, our graduates will be qualified as LTC specialists and managers for organization management and policy planning locally and internationally upon graduation.