Department of Electronic Engineering
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The Department of Electronic Engineering was founded in 2003. We currently offer a bachelor’s and a master’s degree programs that cover three fundamental research modules: Development of Novel materials and Green-Energy Technologies, Communication and Signal Processing, and IC Design. The Module of Development of New Materials and Green-Energy Technologies includes courses such as Solid-State Analyses, New Energy Technologies, Semiconductor Physics and Devices, Recyclable Thin-Film Technologies, Fuel Cells, and Practices of Semiconductor Assembly Engineering.

The Communication and Signal Processing Module includes courses such as Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Digital Communication System, Mobile Telecommunication and Smart Handset Software Design.

The IC Design Module focuses on FPGA system design, analog IC design and simulation, advanced analog IC layout design and laboratory, simulation and design of radio frequency integrated circuits, and IC packaging applications.

The Department of Electronic Engineering also provides multiple laboratories for department faculty and students. The list of our laboratories can be referred to as follows:

• Laboratory of Nanocrystal and Thin Film
• Laboratory Green Energy and IC Assembly
• Laboratory of RF and Analog IC Design
• Laboratory of Project Study
• Laboratory of Electronic Circuit
• Laboratory of Embedded System and Robotics
• Laboratory of Smart Handset Software Design
• Fundamental Laboratory of Communication Engineering
• Laboratory of Spread Spectrum Communication
• Laboratory of Software and Simulation
• Laboratory of Pattern Recognition
• Laboratory of High-speed Arithemetric