The Department of Sport and Leisure

The Department of Sport and Leisure offers the curriculum that prepares students to design, manage and deliver leisure services to a variety of populations in diverse settings. The Department offers a bachelor’s degree program with three main modules: Sport and Leisure Management, Health Planning and Management, and Sport and Leisure Technologies. The Sport and Leisure Management Module focuses on industrial management, event planning and execution, public relationship, advertising, and marketing. The Health Planning and Management Module includes courses to put students’ professional knowledge into practice in the leisure and health industry. The Module of Sport and Leisure Technologies focuses on the cross-field technological training and information management.

The Department also participates in the student exchange program of sport and leisure departments. Our partner universities include NTNU, NTSU, NPU and BSU. We are the pioneer in organizing volunteer programs for overseas (Quemoy) Chinese. The Department has also planned a field of four hectares for the Department’s startup and internship programs.