The Department of International and Mainland China Affairs
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The Department of International and Mainland China Affairs is the only department among all national universities in Taiwan that offers courses on both international and cross-strait affairs. The Department offers both a bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. We aim to cultivate political and economic talents with visionary international and cross-strait perspectives. With the trend of globalization, political and economic relations among countries have becoming closer than ever. Issues such as climate change, environmental protection, health care, humanitarian aids, economic and trade cooperation have become universally crucial to every country. Therefore, the Department pours efforts in educating professional and visionary talents with perspectives in international affairs. In addition, Taiwan’s economic growth and development have been closely related to Mainland China since it has become our biggest export market, trading partner, trade surplus source and the oversea investment destination. It is also our priority to cultivate future experts on cross-strait affairs. Our master’s degree program aims at cultivating graduate students with in-depth research skills in international affairs, Mainland China affairs and regional studies. To make good use of Kinmen’s geographic location, the Department also engages in promoting exchanges and cooperation with well-known universities in mainland China and Southeast Asia. We also schedule oversea academic visits annually in order to enhance the student’s understanding toward Mainland China as well as to grasp the dynamics of international trends.