Department of Chinese Studies
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The Department of Chinese Studies was established in2012. The Department of Chinese Studies provides our students with the Chinese literature training based on the Hanyu Pinyin system. The abilities to appreciate and analyze Chinese literature, culture, classics and original works are the fundamental aspects throughout our curriculum. Our professional courses allow the students to grasp the current dynamics of  Chinese teaching and accumulate their creative-writing experience with their knowledge of Chinese literature and culture. In response to the international needs of Chinese-learning, courses related to Chinese- language teaching are also included in the curriculum. The Department also regards Southeast Asian languages, such as Malay and Vietnamese, as essential language abilities for our students to pass the Certification for Proficiency in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language. Since foreign languages are important to our students, they can also select Hokkien, French or Japanese courses to improve their sense of language and cross-cultural communication. Our curriculum also includes multimedia-teaching and digital-learning courses to enhance the students’ holistic competitiveness in the digital generation. The Department values the students’ understanding of historical knowledge, cultural implications as well as the related methodologies. With these professional courses, the students will be guided to develop their knowledge about Chinese literature and culture through the historical contexts and social structures. Ultimately, their Chinese-teaching and writing skills will be greatly improved, and they will have the competence and competitiveness to keep up with the ever- changing world.