The Office of Physical Education
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The Office of Physical Education has been dedicated to creating a healthy and vibrant campus. Each semester we offer a variety of sports-related courses for our students. Our primary goal is to provide physical training to our students and ultimately accustom them to exercise regularly. Through various sport games and competitions, our students will be able to learn more about how to be a cooperative team player.

The Office consists of three divisions: The Division of Teaching and Research Development, the Division of Sports Competition Activity and the Division of Sports Facility Management. We promote students’ interests in sports though physical education, school-wide sports competitions, varsity sports team group training, intercollegiate physical activities, and physical fitness testing. We also cultivate students’ lifelong exercise habits, satisfy their needs for physical activities, and promote their personal health, physical fitness and quality of life. We aim to make exercise a common habit of our students.

The core facilities of the University’s sports venue include a 50-meter indoor heated swimming pool, a fitness center, a dance classroom, a squash classroom, an air shooting classroom, a comprehensive gymnasium (including basketball, volleyball and badminton courts) and a table-tennis room. With the efforts of our physical education faculty, the students have participated in many national college sports games. Regarding the international sports games, our woodball team has taken part in many woodball competitions in Europe, Hungary, Outer Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Beijing, and Ningbo.