The Office of Continuing Education and Professional Studies
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The University’s philosophy of continuing education and professional studies in Kinmen is to integrate teaching and research work with social services outside the general education curriculum. We encourage everyone to receive lifelong education and fulfill their social functions with better knowledge. The Office consists of two departments: The Training Promotion Department and the Further Education Promotion Department. These two departments are responsible for the University’s formal continuing education and short-term training programs. Since Kinmen has an geographic advantage, as it is located close to Xiamen, the Training Promotion Department attempts to promote social education in both areas. Social education is expected to improve the quality of life and social competitiveness of Kinmen. We have designed an organized educational framework for all our students. Our curriculum offers courses that meet the social needs of the job market. The courses are designed for our students to develop and employ their employment skills. We also make use of digital databases to keep track of all our students’ records and digitalize the courses and learning activities. The enhancement of foreign-language competence is also a focus of our curriculum. Our faculty members adopt diverse management teaching strategies with the resources of the communities nearby. We have also cooperated with international academic institutions and formed an alliance with different companies, allowing our students to put their academic knowledge into practice and achieve their training goals.