Office of General Affairs
Tel: +886-82-313350
Fax: +886-82-313351

The Office of General Affairs (OGA) is divided into five sections: General Service Construction and Maintenance, Cashier Section, Facilities and Property Management, and Documentation and Files.

The responsibilities of OGA divisions are shown as follows:

• General Service Section
This section is responsible for all the general affairs of the university, including bidding, procurement, execution of property worth NT 100,000 or more, the procurement review and execution of projects worth between NT 10,000 and 100,000 (excluding), the maintenance of campus environment, landscape and beautification, plant pest and disease treatment, campus vehicle access control and parking management, official vehicle maintenance, management and deployment of use, official telephone application and telecommunications maintenance, base station management, management of public area surveillance, deployment, supervision and performance evaluation of mechanics, management of full-time and part-time maintenance workers, security personnel management, safety protection and training programs.

• Construction and Maintenance Section
This section is responsible for the planning and construction of new construction projects and campus landscape as well as the repair works of NQU facilities and equipment.

• Cashier Section
This section is responsible for all NQU funds, including receiving, issuing, paying, transferring, safeguarding of cash, checks, valuable papers, tuition and miscellaneous, and other deposit goods.

• Facilities and Property Management Section
This section manages all NQU properties, including premise leasing, property classification, registration, inventory, and disposal. Responsibilities also include staff dormitory management and allocation and fund control.

• Documentation and Files Section
This section’s responsibilities include processing students’ private letters, reception of official documents and electronic exchanges, issuing official documents (in paper or electronic format), archive management and access, and management of official seals.